Monday, January 19, 2009

Elephants on ice???

Well, mum and I went to Monaco in the morning to go and renew both our passports - so we rushed around town, getting photographs, filling in form and generally annoying traffic police but having no idea where we were going. One poor guy we saw four times in the same day - we nearly invited him home for dinner! lol.#
So, after having done our paperwork and feeling rather pleased with ourselves, we decide to have a spot of lunch on the port as it's a lovely sunny day.
there are people milling around and somebody doing a sound check on a PA system - we're not really paying any attention to this as we order our beers.
Then circus music comes on and we both joke about it being the music for elephants.
I stand up, and see 3 elephants. How many beers did I have?

Lots of people on the port
3 elephants!
They had now finished their show and were walking in line down along the port towards La Rascasse - just like the Grand Prix. By this time I was laughing so much I could hardly take any photos
Luxury yachts and nellies
Here is the swimming pool transformed into an ice rink for the winter, 3 elephants and million dollar yachts - what a picture! Monaco goes surreal.
Mum and a bum
After this picture, mum and I dashed like a pair of school girls to the car to see where they were going. By the time we pulled out of our space, the elephants had disappeared. We got up near the Rascasse and went along the other side of the port - there was a policeman at the end and I dared mum to ask him if he'd seen 3 elephants going that way.....

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