Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Emily is officially 6!

This is Sunday morning, Emily is 6 and she is patiently waiting to come downstairs for her birthday breakfast. Butterfly cakes with 6 candles, and 2 different types of milkshake

My lovely cousin David making Emily feel super special - waiting on her with a French accent, asking if Madame would like banana or strawberry flavour milkshake - with extra bendy straws

A birthday breakfast fit for kings

Big brother Dan with Pain au Chocolats

Milkshake overload

Where are my presents? Breakfast was quickly pushed to one side when the presents started appearing from behind the curtains

Robert with his bendy straw glasses - it must get cold behind the ears when the banana shake goes past!

The boys getting technical with the flashing scooter!

This was a great birthday breakfast and we left the family playing with all sorts of new toys - thanks to you all, we had a great time!

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