Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Special to make my mum smile

When I was in my late teens (and rather a rascal at that) I got home after a few days away, and looked in my bedroom - even I was gobsmacked by just how messy it was, and I exclaimed to my parents that it looked like my room had been burgled, but no, it was just my room as usual.
So, nearly 25 years on, I would like to say: Mum, your theory that I would grow out of the messy stage, well, it was just wishful thinking. This is my desk right now as I sit here and type.
I'm sorry, I know you did your best with that, but the neat and tidy thing, well it ain't happening. Let this be a warning to all you new parents out there....if you've got a young child that refuses to wear shoes, clothes and eats mud and yellow crayons, well, you've got some serious work on your hands!

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