Friday, August 29, 2008

Cheeky monkies!

Friends, who'd have 'em? Well, I got a super surprise last night, I walked down the dock at Wet Willies with Paul and the Tacos, to go see the blues band. We're nearly there and there are 2 munchkins loitering on the dock, sort of in the way. So I walk past them, say "hi kids", take 2 more steps and my brain is screaming at me "YOU KNOW THOSE CHILDREN GO BACK", so I look back and work out that it's Birdy and Cole. That can only mean one thing, Rob and Michelle can't be too far away. I could not believe it, what a fantastic surprise. These dudes have raced down from Playa del Carmen, Mexico to spend the weekend with us.
Let's now all pray to the party gods of good weather, that tomorrow will be lovely. Unlike this morning at sunrise with thunder, lightning and tons of rain!


bean819 said...

so sorry i missed yet another chance to wish you a very happy birthday!:)
looks like you had a great day, great weather and great company.
cheers and cheese to the best bartender in the world!

Kathy said...

Hey Cindy!! Dan and I were wondering where you have been!
Look forward to seeing you in November.