Monday, August 18, 2008

Stop taking the piss out of my pumpkins!

The evil Sharon has not stopped laughing at me about my enthusiasm for the pumpkin seedlings.

Pumpkin and marjoram seeds planted 4 days prior
Upsidedown tomato bucket
Pumpkin, day 6
Pumpkin, day 7
Banana tree! I bought this from the nursey for 25bz - there are in fact 2 trees. I'm so happy (stop laughing....if only there was a B&Q on the island)

And now today the peppers poked through!

For those of you like myself that have absolultely no gardening experience at all, and have become equally as excited about growing pumpkins, here's a bloke that sounds like he's done it before .
He also sounds like he's in Canada so all that talk about frost and stuff, just skip to the good parts about planting and needing a lot of sunshine (like here in the Caribbean).

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tacogirl said...

Couldn't find the site I was looking for, but this one is similar and shows pics of growing Pineapples.