Monday, August 18, 2008

Rice 'n' Roll, sushi & martini bar

We had a lovely and different dinner thanks to Sharon Metcalfe (not my Sharon) who is the superbe chef at the Sushi Bar upstairs at Fido's.
We're pretty much sushi novices, so we placed ourselves in Sharon's capable hands.
She made all manner of things for us such as Miso soup, pork dumplings, blackened lobster, Kamikaze hot and spicy rolls, and plenty of other goodies! (OK, so I can't remember what they're called!)
The three of us loved it, and Sharon finally learnt how to use chopsticks (she had never seen the instructions on the chopstick packet). Honestly, that was worth watching! Much giggling followed watching her give up the learning part, stab her California rolls and shuffle rice around her plate whilst getting annoyed.
Open from Wednesday to Saturday, 6pm-10pm, call 226-2564.
After that, I don't know how I did it, but I convinced both Beth and Sharon that we should go for an ice cream next door. I promised that I would have some if there was chunky monkey flavour. Both girls queued up, ordered and got their ice creams. When it was my turn, there was no chunky monkey (ahhhh shame) and so self-righteous me didn't have any ice cream. HAHA my sabotage plan worked!
The sushi bar

Sharon working hard!
Sharon & BethLovely sushi! (OK, so I don't know what these thingies are called, but they were tuna and scrummy)
Kamikaze hot and spicy rolls

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