Thursday, August 14, 2008

Green fingers

It's a beautiful Saturday, and also my late grandpa's birthday. So, of course, as anyone would do to celebrate their late grandfather, I decided to plant some things in the garden. (I wish I knew how my mind works...) I found seeds, colourful lollipop sticks, potting soil, an empty coca-cola case and lots of old plastic bottles. All these ingredients cry of "gardening", right?

I am very proud of my "can't blow over in the wind" potting/seeding germinator!

Pumpkins, day 1
It's now Thursday and the pumpkin seedlings are already out, they were there when I looked yesterday morning, I was totally amazed. These things grow an inch or two per day. Where on earth am I going to put the damn things? I planted 5 of them and they each turn out to be about 25 pounds each.
The Marjoram is also sprouting out. Boosted with all this new growth, I yesterday planted mango seeds (you've got to crack the pip to get the seed out), cucumbers, tomatoes and more basil. I was so excited yesterday about the pumpkins, that I spoke about it to some guests at the resort, they gave me lots of pumpkin advice and even better, the upsidedown tomato bucket. Now, this sounded so good, that I decided to mutilate a bucket and pot a tomato plant into it. I shall put up a photo later!

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Michele in Playa said...

Hola chica bonita!! I am going to be trying my hand at gardening up here as well. I have started composting and we are going to have some raised beds built. I am curious to hear about your seed collection and germination processes and what potting medium you are using. As we are in similar climates, it should work for me as well.

Michele in Playa