Monday, August 11, 2008

OCD & Molly

You may think that means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Wrong! On our island it means Obsessive Coconut Disorder and our soppy puppy has it bad.
We went to the Catamaran bar at Caribbean Villas yesterday, and between kids and adults throwing coconuts, she chased them for over 8 straight hours. When we got home last night, she had dinner and promptly flaked out on the sofa, not even sleep-running! Molly was pooped.

I got up rather early this morning, and bearing in mind the lack of weightloss last week, thought I would grab Molly and take a long fast walk to Mosquito Coast and back. I got up, dressed, looked at Molly on her bed, she looked at me and crashed right back out, with a look on her face quizzing my mental capacity.

Even this lunchtime, it took her 10 minutes to get off the sofa, she got stuck in this half-on half-off position, wagging her tail and wondering if her food bowl was interesting enough to merit her getting fully off the furniture.

"Molly, get off the sofa! MOLLY OFF NOW!!!!"

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