Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sharon loves cake III - Happy birthday Forrest

What a fantastic night with all the gang, there was much mirth and merriment even if there was a lack of Lighthouse!
My sides still ache from giggling so much, Phil and Marie crease me up, and I have to say, everyone was on superbe form last night.
I'm trying to post pictures but internet is throwing all it's toys out of it's pram, so I give up and shall try again tomorrow.
If you want naan bread, just ask Robby.

Forrest, I have just spoken to my mum, and she wishes you a very happy belated birthday!

Our birthday boy, the one and only Forrest, aka 007
I don't know what Marilyn thinks Forrest is showing her, but it looks good!
Sharon in charge of cake

A long table full of fun people
God knows what she's up to now - a scarf that turns into a jumper????
And Phil wearing Sharon's scarf, I worry about that boy
Poor Robby, once he had finished his meal, all the naan breads that we had ordered (4 different types) arrived. We had all already finished eating! Dinner service was somewhat erratic, but it was worth it to see Robby's face every time another naan arrived in front of him.

Beth and Forrest on the boatSharon and steve, also on the boat. And yes, those lovely legs on the right belong to Pedro
Muppet auto-portrait
And Sharon most defintately does love cake (thank you Denise for making lovely cake)


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