Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wine calories

I actually googled the amount of calories in my favourite tipple and found out that I am of course doomed! LOL. There are (depending on the amount and type of wine) between 80 and 120 per glass of dry white wine. That's not so bad. Here is the little chart thingy I found on the internet:
glass of white wine (200 ml) (120 calories) - 4 cups light microwave popcorn (120 calories). They had a little chart comparing booze to food - I would rather have a glass of wine anyday over 4 cups of popcorn! My little pedometer now informs me that I have lost 409 calories now, so I only have 3 more glasses to walk off!
My new motto: if I'm going to fall off the wine wagon, I'd better put my walking shoes on!
FYI: Baileys has got nearly 500 calories in it! Good grief, stick to the wine!

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