Monday, August 11, 2008

Gasp, sob, oh no - Week 5 weigh-in

I didn't lose any weight this week.

Then again, I'm actually pretty pleased I didn't gain any.

Every day since we started this damn silly health thing, I write down everything I ingest in a little blue book, write down how many steps I've walked, what aerobics workout I've done. And feel very self-righteous about it too. That all went out the window last Tuesday! Last entry, Tuesday morning, cereal and milk. And that was probably the last healthy thing I ate until yesterday. I did no exercise, drank loads of coca-cola, booze, wine, chocolate, bacon sandwiches, fried breakfast, etc ad nauseum. So it could be worse. I am now back on track and can be seen around town declining glasses of wine, turning my nose up at cheese and frenetically jumping up and down in front of the TV to whichever horrifically cheerful nazi exercise instructor I'm being tortured by that particular day through the modern magic of exercise DVDs.

I don't mind the weight I have but I can no longer stand Sharon's gloating.

Wish us luck!

Running total this week (week 5 weigh-in) I lost nothing, so am still at total loss of 3kg and Sharon lost another kg, so her total is 6.5kg. GO GIRLS!!!! I think Laura is hiding in her office, shrinking away from the scales this week too.

I wonder if this was a contributing factor?

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