Monday, August 25, 2008

Good grief, what a handful!

How on earth did I manage to gain a pound this week (boo hoo) when I had this to contend with?
Jackie, Lisbon and Molly taking advantage of my good nature.

Lisbon as always in the front
Poor Molly, I could see her thinking "Why do I have to be attached to these two?"

Lisbon showing her bad paw - more about that in a bit!

So, on Saturday morning I just walked Jackie and Lisbon, once we got to Escalante beach, I decided Lisbon couldn't be too much of an escape threat due to her huge limp. She spent an hour showing me her paw before we went out and made a huge display of giant limping. So I let her off the lead. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Never again I'm saying to myself as I sprint through Victoria House screaming her name. She runs round the pool, over the lawns, through someones patio whilst they're having breakfast (no sign of a limp......) "excuse me, morning, sorry...". I finally hoodwink her by laying ambush behind a bush - she went one side of the house and I went the other, and I nabbed her. I also scared the heebiejeebies out of her by jumping out from behind the bush and she sulked at me when we got back home. Oh, and her limp returned.

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