Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 4 weigh-in

Rather large drumroll please....

I have lost another 400g this week - which makes my total after the first month of our competition 2.9kg lost! I have lost over an inch of waist and hips but thankfully nothing lost on the bust - must be those push-ups!

Sharon has done superbly well over the month with a total of nearly 7kg lost and a couple of inches gone from everywhere, she's ecstatic.

I have just finished work for the day and have decided to grab Paul and Molly and go to the beach for some lunch and a swim - it's another perfect day in paradise.

Good luck to all of you at Portofino Resort at the north of San Pedro - You must be on week 2 of your diet, I do believe we have started a trend! By Christmas the island will be full of hot chicks! Watch out lads.....

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