Friday, August 1, 2008

Didn't they do well! SAGA fundraiser

It was hot, sticky and even hotter, but we valiently stood in Central Park under tents selling our gear to raise money for SAGA.

A personal huge thank you to Chef Sean of the French Bakery who made 14 fresh baguettes for me on Sunday morning (his day off no less). I had of course left all my shopping for ingredients til the last minute on Saturday and arrived at the bakery at 5.30pm expecting miracles - and I got one. Merci beaucoup Chef!

Also a big thank you to my 2 slaves on the day, Paul and Paul. I cannot believe my Paul actually got out of bed (giant hangover no less) at 7am then stood in the park for 6 hours cooking bacon. Thanks boys.

Our effort could not have been done without the very generous donation of the Jensen family here in San Pedro. They donated all their baby clothes for the fundraiser and all of them sold (I shall give all the kids toys they also donated to the Holy Cross School just before the school year starts).

If you would like to know more about SAGA (and of course donating your cash....) go to and either flash your cash or please adopt Ariel the cat, I would love to take her home but nasty Paul won't let me! She's cuddly, kind, playful and purrs a lot.

Ariel checking me out The 2 Pauls - present in body....helped with Sharon's sales thanks to consumption of vast quantities of Lighthouse LagerShopping frenzy

Marie's smoothies that apparently made Sharon fall off the diet wagon

Happy Johnna
Kittens making a guest star appearanceI worry about this boy - Phil with boobsA rather hungover muppet making bacon butties for a good causeDenise has a captive audience. Toby and Pickle admiring her bacon butty
Bacon makes dogs very thirsty! This pregnant stray is now comfortable at SAGA waiting to have her puppiesSoppy beach dog, also came in for some bacon and a cup of water - in fact, we could hardly move at our bacon butty stall due to the amount of dogs underfoot!A very cautious Beth

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