Sunday, September 9, 2007

40 year old Taco, is that like a 1,000 year old Chinese egg?

Enough of weird food specialities - we have them all beaten.
KFC eat your heart out and watch out for the Belizean CLOUT bucket'o'chicken! The best BBQ in town!
Happy birthday Laurie.
This was a complete hungover shambles, we forgot invitations, food, chairs, tables etc. Thanks to all for coming and having fun.
I love these pics because thanks to the green balloons, it looks like there are tennis balls all over the place.

Tacogirl just never stops taking pictures. We're all hiding behind a palm tree in single file to say "Surprise" as she walks up the beach. Of course, spotting the tables, chairs and balloons, I think the party queen has busted us.

"CLOUT" - The barbecued chicken of the future. Walter, thank you for preparing the chicken and the magic marinade, it was great.

Chicken genocide, we'll be fartin' feathers!

Paul - wonder chef

John - robot dancing chef - thanks guys. I know you only lost one eyebrow between you, you're getting the hang of it!

Thanks to Wade, the sun is out.

Karen and Carole.

Good luck to Andrea on the left, enjoy flying those planes in Tanzania. We'll miss you.

More please.

New San Pedrano tongue twister - Maya runs with Midas and Molly while drinking a Mojito.

The lovely Stacy. Poor Stacy had been wandering around the beach for hours with her quinoa - she had confused the Palms with the Royal Palms.

BBQ and tennis balls.

Coleen, our cooler queen.

My favourite segment - the unfortunate party pictures.
OK, so we were trying.


Maya, myself and Paul

Miss San Pedro 2007

Colette and I

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