Monday, September 17, 2007

Pets and Pirates

What a weekend! Pets and Pirates. You can see the pictures of the pirate party on Laurie's blog, and here are some pictures of the Pets just to show you they're still OK!
I ran Molly over on my bicycle - we ended up on the floor, in the road in front of Banana Beach. Since it's been raining a lot recently, we ended up a muddy yelping mess tangled under bicycle wheels. Given the amount of noise she made, I thought I was killing her, even though I fell the other way so as not to crush her under my weight. Afer much fussing about, I got her to the beach at Mata Rocks, this is a place she feels very safe at. I cleaned her up and took stock of the amount of damage I had infliced to my dear little puppy - basically, nothing at all. She really is a Princess! We then proceeded (at her request) to run along the beach for an hour and play with coconuts. Just what I need, a drama queen puppy!

That day, Basil came home with a very very sticky back paw. I just couldn't figure it out. I tried to get the unknown sticky substance off, but to no avail. I was praying it wasn't toxic and wouldn't have to make another ridiculous night call to to Heather the vet (thanks to Basil, Heather gets quite a few calls from me, her favourite so far was that Basil was foaming at the mouth - she opted for poison frogs, and that he would be OK. When I figured out that he had been licking new DVDS and that's what was making him froth at the mouth, I phoned her back to let her know. It's unerving when your vet laughs that hard at you). The mystery of the sticky paw became clear the next day, when my neighbour told me how Basil had stepped in a sticky-glue mousetrap, rushed around the garden in sheer panic and picked up a green bin bag on his travels. Zac finally managed to catch him and remove offending sticky items from his paw.
So, both the pets are OK.

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