Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tropical depression?

Morning! Hurricane Felix is no more. I told Paul, "it's just a tropical depression now" and he answered me that was what everyone on the island had, tropical depression, he giggled on went on his merry way to make me a cup of Earl Grey. So I sat here and pondered his remark. I think he's onto something - lol. Last night, even though we were all exhausted, we were restless. This really doesn't make any sense. Anyway, so tired and bored, I picked up Carole, Paul and Laurie and off we went in search of adventure. We first tried to find adventure at Fidos, none there. BCs? Closed. Everywhere was really very very dark and closed. We passed other golf-cart zombies zipping round town in search of adventure too. We popped into Pedro's Inn and found some friendly but tired faces. Due to impending starvation (i.e. we're too tired and grumpy to cook) we zoomed across to Banana Beach for giant bistro burgers. After the last morsel, our little group of joyriders decided to shuffle home to bed. We were even too tired for margaritas, and they were 2 for 1! So, I hereby declare that when you prepare for a really nasty scary cat.5 hurricane that fizzles out (yes, we're eternally grateful), town turns into a scene that resembles "Night of the living dead".
The only things that thrive at a time like this are those pesky mosquitos!
Right, I'm off to the Island Perk.
Bye for now.
And to the Gods of weather, thank you for us- but please, next time fizzle out before you make landfall, we're looking at pics of Nicaragua. Ouch.

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