Sunday, September 2, 2007

So now you all know where Belize is

Hello again you lot, so, after all these hurricane pics and satellite pics, have you figured out where Belize is yet? Once you've figured that out, you see that tiny dot in the sea just near the northern part of the country? That's where I live. And it looks like hurricane Felix is hell-bent on squishing it. It's now a cat. 3 and predictions at this moment are cat. 4 for Ambergris Caye. Forming behind Felix is more interesting weather, moving west towards Belize too. We're so lucky!
Our usual motley crew is meeting at BC's this afternoon to help raise some cash for Drummer Dan as he needs some surgery. I saw him last night and he has an excessively fuzzy face, he had to grow a beard to match his old police records for his citizenship interview in a couple of weeks! I shall get some pics of him later. I presume our beach bbq meeting will be all talk about the eternal hurricane question, shall I stay or shall I go? It's not until now that you realise that the Clash were so worried about hurricanes. We all thought it was a great punk song to jump up and down to.

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