Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mexico Rocks

What a perfect day to dive - the sea was totally flat, the water crystal clear and we were ready to go.
We joined Marty for some filming at Mexico Rocks and had a great time. Unfortunately, after giving up smoking I have put on so much weight that I no longer fit into my wetsuit. So I have a new goal! Get back into that damned thing before Christmas.
Here goes! I shall keep you posted. First, I need to find some scales and weigh myself - looks like I'll be making a trip to Tropic Air tomorrow and weighing myself on the freight scales (no, I'm not that big, but those are the only scales I know of here).


View from boat back to shore

Mr San Pedro "Beefcakes" 2007


Paul playing dice at Crazy Canuks

Dave loves his money

Ye Olde Stack'O'Cash

We got home to find very scary scaffolding over the house, made with old bits of wood

Worry-free builder

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