Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flee - rainy season is upon us

I have nothing really to say (for once!), I've just been on a lovely walk south to Mosquito Coast with Maya - just another early morning playdate for Molly and Midas. The morning's weather has given the most beautiful skies over the sea that I went a bit snap happy. Molly and I made it home just in time before the deluge! So, it's a lazy day inside for us now, well, until we have to brave the elements and swim to the Stuff Swap at Pedro's Inn this evening!

More cormorants

And some more

I told you I went snap happy


Midas and Molly

We have no idea what type of bird this is

Any ideas? We would love to know

This was bigger than my foot - Molly was very interested in rolling on it, eurk!

Ominous looking sky

Brave snorkelers on their way out to the reef


On the way home we made a pitstop at Fido's Sandbar - Hi Dave!

Midas & Molly


Scary scaffolding

View from my balcony - it's raining so hard I can't even see across the lagoon to Brahma Blue


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Cindy.. Quiet season is good eh!
Had to laugh out loud at your scary scaffling comments and pictures. I remember when they were building the second floor apartment over the 'garage' (now an apartment too!)at my brother's place. I originally thought the bracing poles was the lumber being used to build the walls. I took some pictures of them to show others and was relieved to see that in the end they were not part of the actual structure. Gail

Ruthie said...

Cindy, the name of your mystery bird is a boobie bird...seriously.

Cindy the Conquerer said...

Once I'd posted this blog, Colette sent me a link confirming it was a Brown Boobie bird. Thanks for the info - all Paul said was that he really like Boobies