Friday, September 21, 2007

A radical change of plans

So, it's Thursday morning and I'm supposed to go diving. However, I finished my "beer fairy" duties around 3 a.m. and am too tired to go. So I decide to do my town errands. Being lazy and living about a 20 minute cycle ride from town, I try to group everything together, and today is the day! I have a long list of things to buy, things to pay, lab tests, things to pick up and people to see. I decide to quickly check my emails whilst Paul is finishing up in the shower. Laurie is online and pings me about going snorkeling on the "Miss Carole" (Dick and Carole's new boat) for the afternoon. Me, being a very serious person and knowing all about responsibility, tell Laurie that I can't as I have errands to run and very very important things to do in town. When Paul comes out of the shower, I tell him about the invitation and he agrees that we have a lot to do, and very very important things to do in town. So, 10 minutes later we are on the phone to Dick and asking him to pick us up at Banyan Bay dock. We have grabbed fins and masks, fishing rod, very tired looking sardines from the freezer, sunscreen and we're off!
We buy some water and a couple of beers from Los Caminantes and wait on the dock. Of course, we cycled there and Paul looked like some manic jouster with his fishing rod.
Paul and Laurie were already on the boat and off we went. The water was lovely and clear, it's been superb the past few days.
We snorkeled, fished, swam, ate and drank. No fun whatsoever. Whilst we were out there, Diane called to invite us to a party on Sunday. All this socialising is exhausting! We need a holiday!
Once back on land, we go back to Dick and Carole's house and decide to have a barbecue at our place. The 6 of us pile onto the golf cart to the Belikin Depot to buy a box of shrimp. Herb and Zac also joined us for the evening - guitars and drums ablaze. Paul now thinks he's John Lennon.....
Paul and the gear on the dock at Banyan Bay

Banyan Bay

Avast me hearties!

Aqua taco

Our Crew - Paul, Paul and Dick

Three swimming beauties


Blogging bums

Three snorkeling beauties

Dick and Carole

Premium view


Dick - action shot - check out his new ladder!

Dick - more action shot!

Carole enjoying the new swim up bar

Beer, with Paul

Exotic Taco

All of us

Look at those clouds

Fishing for dinner (that's why we went to buy shrimp....)

Raiding the stores in town

Dick and Carole


Ruthie said...

What a great day! I'm curious about the shrimp though. Does Beliken by Island Supermarket sell shrimp?

Cindy the Conquerer said...

Belikin (Barry Bowen) farms shrimp, and hence he is the distributor for 4.4 lbs boxes of shrimp. So yes, we go to the Belikin depot opposite the Island Supermarket to buy shrimp. For size 36/40 the price is 35 BZD for the 4.4 lb box.

Ruthie said...

Thanks for the info...good to know.

Cindy the Conquerer said...

My pleasure