Saturday, September 29, 2007

Belmopan & Big Barracuda

Whilst I bumped along in the chicken bus, rattling my way to Belmopan in what felt like 400 degrees centigrade with at least 120 other people on the old bus, I sat pondering if Paul was having a nice day and what he was up to. I went to Immigration, had my residency interview, did the filling-loosening bus ride back to Belize City, jumped in a speedy cab and just made the last flight home to San Pedro. It was so nice to be back on the island. The following photos were taken by Carole, and this is what Paul got up to whilst I was charging around the country!
Captain Dick

Paul caught a Snapper

So did Dick

Here comes Paul's Barracuda

Paul reeling in his big fish

A job well done

Oh dear, broken rod!

How pleased is this man???

Very pleased by the looks of it!

Once Paul had caught his Barracuda, they all realised they didn't have a gaff - so Dick hit it over the head with an umbrella!
It's always nice if someone else does the hard work!

Thank you for the fillets

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