Sunday, September 2, 2007

Drummer Dan a.k.a. Captain Birdseye

Had a great day at the beach, went down to BC's beach bar for drinks, hurricane chat, and of course to raise money so Drummer Dan can have parts of his anatomy whipped out.
A truly fun day with the whole crew. The weather was pretty grey with some super weird clouds, then it really did piss it down with rain, and the inside of the bar got packed. There was then an outbreak of peanut smugglers. Why girls smuggle peanuts in twos I'll never know.
Hurricane Felix looks pretty scary right now, cat. 5, we're all just biding our time and going to check it out in the morning. Jim (head of NEMO) says it's safe to stay in 2nd floor concrete - which is what we have. He says the government is very worried about Belize City.
So, boarding and shopping tomorrow. I want to stay. Paul wants to go. We shall see what is best tomorrow.

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