Sunday, September 9, 2007

Joy riders and the abuse of happy hour

This is dedicated to my neighbour Bob, who, unknown to him at the time, lent me his golf cart while he was away for a couple of days. THANKS BOB! and of course, thanks Fred for the loan on behalf of Bob. So, for 2 days I turned into a San Pedro Joy Rider - I think it's a great name for some kind of buggy gang. I picked up my friends left, right and centre and just enjoyed the freedom of being able to roam round town without sweating enough to fill a kiddie pool.
Here are some pics taken on our roam round town, and a quick stop (we left the buggy at home and walked....) at the Squirrel's Nest.

Molly still hasn't quite got the hang of this joy-riding lark, but she loves to feel the wind in her ears.

The amazing flying golf cart.

Front street, nearly back to life after complete "Felix" desertion.

I love this sign, I see it each time I go to see the Tacos at home. It's always good to get more inform.

The beach at the Squirrel's Nest, covered in seagrass washed up due to the wind.

Cheers! Rudy and Cathy enjoying the breeze

Sherlyn does it again, happy hour abuse on its way!

I love my puppy, hic

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