Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Is it raining?

Hello again, seeing as more than 6 emails on this particular subject have arrived in the past hour, here is a picture from my balcony. No, it's not raining, but it might do soon.

This big iguana was sitting on the garden table of the house opposite.
I have just noticed that there are 2 of those really bright green ones hanging around too, I shall try to get some pics of them.

This is tacoboy, aka Paul helping put the final boards on my house. We have 23 boards to put up to completely safeguard the building, so after Dean, we left 85% of the boards up to make it easier in case of another hurricane. Luckily we did! So the majority of the boards are staying on the house until hurricane season is over. It just makes a stressful time easier.

Some golf carts, parked and ready for the storm. Their roofs have been removed to prevent them from blowing away.

The giant bistro burger from banana beach - unfortunately, the photo doesn't do it justice, I just wanted to show the size of the thing compared to a mobile phone! It's a meal for 2.

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