Monday, September 17, 2007

Another lovely Sunday at Mata Rocks

Ahhh, the beach, the breeze, the bar....
A lazy Sunday at the Squirrels nest. I took Molly for a walk south before hitting the bar for those happy hour G&Ts and found a load of Cormorants. They were posing beautifully, then Molly charged through the water at them.... here are the pics of those that were way way off at the end of the broken dock. Thanks Molly!

This is Diggidy - he belongs to the Cookie Lady. He and Molly are best pals.

Sherlyn sporting her new blond mohican

Paul and Rudy misbehaving at the Squirrel's Nest

This is Pebbles. She came to play with Molly while we were enjoying our cocktails. and she played, and played, then played some more. After about 2 hours we came to the conclusion that she was lost.
She then followed us home!
Her ID tag was missing, but she had her SAGA rabies vaccine tag on.
So, I called them up this morning to find out what her name was and who she belonged to.
Her owner was soooooo pleased to get her back, as you can see, she's a real friendly & soppy puppy!

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